Responsible Practices

Responsible Practices are central to the brand's ethos. The combination of the quality of materials and make with timeless design, promotes a long-lasting product and the idea of investing in wardrobe staples.  We thrive off of research into our materials and mills to ensure that throughout the supply chain we are supporting fair wages and have as little effect on our environment as possible. We provide our customers with a refined version of this research in our 'product story.'  We use organic, GOTS-certified materials where we can, but when mills require larger quantities to make with the certification, we choose smaller quantities. We never want to over-produce. The majority of the collection is made in London, fostering relationships with local producers and expert makers while minimising carbon footprint.

Product Journey

We aim to supply our customers with the entire supply chain from origin of fibre to factory for every product we produce.

For example, all of our wool tailoring is sourced from a farm in New South Wales, Australia. The herd and land are managed with a herd rotation system, with only 24 sheep in the paddock. The fabric is then woven in Italy, at a family-run mill that has been running since 1876. The production process is powered by a local waterfall and solar panels. The mill uses optimum water stewardship, and controlled dyes, certified by Cradle to Cradle Gold- Level standard. The buttons used to finish the garment are made from the nut of the Tagua Palm, found in Ecuador. The nut has become so precious that the demand is protecting forests from deforestation. These 100% natural and biodegradable buttons are then formed and naturally dyed in the British Cotswolds. The final product is then constructed in our factory in London.

We are proud to be able to share this journey of the supply chain with our customers. However, some products have proved more difficult when researching back to the farm.  We are making it a mission to improve this, and we aim to only work with mills that can supply us with the origin of the fibre, with the location of the farm. We also aim to visit more of our mills that we are working with, in a mission to document the supply chain of our products.


Our packaging boxes are made from recycled cardboard and fully recyclable after use. the ink used on is water-based which has no traces of pcv or heavy metals therefore ensuring harmful chemicals go back into environment once recycled.

Bio Poly Bags

Our garment bags used for storing our production are 100% biodegradable.


All of our waste fabric, paper and plastic is recycled.