Aurelia Donaldson & Lowell Delaney

Stylist, Aurelia Donaldson, and designer, Lowell Delaney launched their creative partnership, ALL/MOST AGENCY, in 2018. The pair curate strategic solutions for fashion, beauty and design brands. Their agency develops clients' visual language, whilst strengthening their cultural impact within the global and digital world.

Aurelia Donaldson and Lowell Delaney in London by Alexia Mavroleon
Creative Direction & Styling by Chiara di Carcaci 
Words by Sophie Goodwin


How did you meet Lowell? 

Aurelia: Lowell invited me to a dinner at her house for her fashion brand, Trager Delaney, after I had interviewed her for a magazine. The evening of the dinner I had a fight with my then boyfriend and after storming out realised she lived four doors down from me. The choice was to reface my partner or be an hour early to dinner. I chose the latter, sat awkwardly in Lowell’s kitchen while she cooked. We have been best friends ever since. 

How was ALL/MOST AGENCY formed? 

Aurelia: Lowell and I had a solid client base in the luxury goods industry, but felt there was more we could offer in terms of bespoke brand direction. We began to develop 360 degree strategies to outline where they were going and what they needed to get there. We started slowly with a few names we already worked with, and now create in-depth strategic solutions for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands that want to enhance and elevate their message. 

Where do you live and work currently? 

Aurelia: I live in Kensal Green with my husband and two children, and work in Notting Hill. Lowell has the same commute, we basically live parallel lives. 

How have your many years experience in the industry informed your market position today? 

Aurelia: Knowledge of many different, but complimentary, skills is incredibly useful. We combine styling, creative direction and consulting. This gives me a better understanding of how to adapt to each brand and each project. 

You work across multiple disciplines. How do you balance branding, design, strategy, moving-image, editorial and creative content under one production team? 

Aurelia: We both have our own individual skill sets, so we know where our strengths lie. This combined with our unique vision, and the fact that we really trust each other makes anything possible. 

How do you adopt and deliver such a bespoke approach to all your clients? 

Aurelia: Every brand we work with has their own story and history to tell, so we are very involved to make sure we tailor our service. We then work with a lot of amazing collaborators depending on the clients needs.

Where did you train? 

Aurelia: I started as an intern at the Telegraph Magazine when I was 18 and worked my way up to Fashion Editor. I then became freelance at 26 when I had my daughter and worked for brands and magazines as a stylist and consultant.

Who or what inspires you? 

Aurelia: Day to day life, from my daughter putting together an outrageous outfit to the people I see walking to work. There’s so much to be continually inspired by if you are looking for it.

Last item of clothing you bought and loved? 

Aurelia: A bespoke black suit made by Casely-Hayford. It is perfection.

Favourite piece from issue twelve? 

Aurelia: The Marlene trouser. Beautifully cut and easy to wear but incredibly elegant. 

What is your most marked characteristic? 

Aurelia: I’m committed. Personally or professionally, I believe it means something to go the extra mile. 

Rule to live by 

Aurelia: I like my daughter's motto when something doesn’t quite go her way: ‘you get what you get and you don’t get upset’. It fits with my mantra which is to always try and live in the solution.

What qualities do you most admire in Aurelia? 

Lowell: Her sharp sense of humour, and supreme trampolining skills: everything you need in a best friend.

How have your many years experience in the industry informed your market position today? 

Lowell: I know how to make a piece of clothing, I am aware of the time and care it takes to create something.  This whole process is so vital to the fashion and design business and yet completely overlooked. I am also aware of the importance of an idea. This is not given enough focus within the exhaustingly fast pace of our industry. 

Key values that you look for in fashion brands?

Lowell: Subversity and integrity. I really respect brands that can quietly evolve and stay true to their core message. Prada is the obvious best in class, there is always an irreverence and underlying rebellion in everything they do and I am a sucker for it. There are many in the same camp, too many to mention.

I also admire any young brands that manage to stay afloat while creating something new. It is a tough climate out there and being a keen business person is as important as an exciting concept.

What is your most treasured possession? 

Lowell: My first edition of The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. I bought this book for my boyfriend when we first started dating, 12 years down the line he gave me the first edition. I think Baldwin is the most incredible writer and I re-read his work over and over again. 

And my precious waffle iron, simply because it’s an incredible waffle iron. Everyone needs one. 

If you weren’t living in London where would you be?

Lowell: Tokyo. I am completely in love with Japan, the culture, the people, and the food. I have lived and worked there for 6 months in the past, I am learning Japanese and I am very keen to return.  Their respect for craftsmanship, each other, their determination and drive is a combination I find very seductive. I feel my most calm and at ease there. It is always worth noting that they also know how to have a great time, which is also something I very much relish. 

What attracts you to issue twelve’s collections? 

Lowell: Leah Chapman’s understanding of beautiful fabrics and great cuts.  It takes time to understand the importance of all these small things from the start and Leah has grasped it entirely. Conceptually, making a brand that could be your whole wardrobe is something that is talked about a lot, but only very occasionally achieved.

What keeps you motivated daily? 

Lowell: The idea of moving a brand forward. And coffee. I can’t get through the day without coffee.

Last music you downloaded? 

Lowell: Mulatu Astatke. I have a weird affliction of listening to an album or song over and over and over again until I get bored of it and I move on. This album I love and it has been on repeat at home.

Proudest achievement?

Lowell: My son, any mother will feel the same. An inspiring small human around you everyday is so exhilarating (and exhausting!).

Personal style signifier? 

Lowell: My black leather Trager Delaney jacket. I made this with my then partner Kim and it is always by my side. Bonded nappa leather. It is the piece I get asked most where one can buy it. All my friends are very annoyed at me for not making more. Maybe one day.

What do you collect?

Lowell: Parking tickets. 


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